The Financial Benefits Of Owning A 3 Bhk Flat In Tellapur With Pranathi Constructions


Owning an apartment from a major real estate developer such as Pranathi Constructions is always a good investment. With rapid modernisation and increased investment from government and private sectors in various industries, the need for good housing complexes is also expected to rise in tandem with other factors. Here are a few reasons why you should own a 3-BHK flat in Tellapur with Pranathi Constructions.

Rental: If you are looking to purchase a flat solely for giving out for rent or lease, Tellapur is a great location for investment. It is a fast-growing suburb of Hyderabad which is inside ORR and near Radial Road 7. Additionally, this location is also close to numerous other amenities such as schools, hospitals, and markets. This will significantly increase the rental value of the plot and also be in high demand among rent seekers right away.

Appreciation: Owning a 3-BHK flat is a sound investment as it is expected to appreciate over time. Since real estate is a tangible asset, it can provide long-term returns. Additionally, with further developmental activities of the location, the overall value of the apartment will only rise. Cases of depreciation in apartments are rare and only in isolated cases.

Tax Rebate: Homeowners are eligible for tax benefits such as loan interest deduction and lower property taxes. This rebate can significantly save you money and reduce the cost incurred to own a 3-BHK flat.

Equity : With regular payments towards the home loan, the owner is building his/her equity. This allows them to apply for a loan in the future or use the apartment as collateral. This helps in better circulation of money and increased investment in other avenues.

Better Standard: Tellapur’s proximity to the city and all other amenities such as offices, schools, hospitals, and other conveniences lead to better health and productivity. This allows residents to focus on actual tasks without having to worry about the nitty gritty. The apartment offers its residents a wide array of conveniences making their stay comfortable and hassle-free.

Maintenance : A 3-BHK offers a good balance between ample space and maintenance effort as it is much more economical compared to owning a villa or independent house. This is perfect for growing families that have to focus on immediate tasks rather than attending to the house at all times.

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