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Hyderabad has been growing in leaps and bounds in the last two decades far above expectations and it seems unlikely this trend will stop for the foreseeable future. Since the introduction of HITECH City back in the early 2000s, the city has witnessed mercurial growth in various sectors with IT being at the top of the list.

A good chunk of professionals from various parts of the country have set foot in the city and made this city their home. Despite the slowdown during the pandemic, Hyderabad is back on its feet and marching ahead in full swing. Given the pace at which the city is growing, houses also tend to become more expensive whether owned or rented. The real estate industry is witnessing a new surge of growth since the second half of 2021 and expects significant growth in investment in the coming years. Now is the time to buy real estate before the price rises due to a surge in demand. Here are some key points to be considered regarding the real estate market in Hyderabad:

  • Residential market – Hyderabad is home to numerous local and national developers. Both parties offer a variety of options for customers to choose from based on their priorities and financial considerations. Be sure to choose a developer that will meet your needs.

  • Infrastructure – The location should have ample provision for the development of various infrastructures such as markets, schools, hospitals, transportation, malls, etc. With the entry of the IT sector in Hyderabad, the fortune of the city has changed considerably over the years.

  • Business hubs – Now that Hyderabad has emerged as a major IT destination, many other businesses have also set their sights on the city. Areas such as Gachibowli, Madhapur, and HITECH City have seen considerable commercial development due to their proximity to business hubs.

  • Housing – Despite all the progress Hyderabad has made in the last two decades, the real estate sector in Hyderabad is still affordable compared to other metros such as Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore. Areas like Kukatpally, Miyapur, and LB Nagar are some areas which have a big number of affordable housing projects.

  • Rental market – There is a strong presence of rental properties in Hyderabad driven by the influx of working professionals, students, and blue-collar workers from other states. As a result, rental properties are also in high demand among professionals who plan to move after a few years.

  • Regulatory norms – The real estate market in Hyderabad is regulated by the RERA which ensures accountability in the sector by providing buyers many safeguards. With increased complaints and issues between builders and buyers/tenants, it makes sense to make the entire process transparent and simple.

It must be noted that the real estate market is subject to market fluctuations based on demand and availability. To get the most accurate information and to conduct the transaction without complications, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional real estate agency.

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